I want to announce something that makes me very happy. Due to the art exhibition “The search through love” in León (Spain), I created a very special CATALOG.

It is not a conventional book, but a BOX that containing 30 small and precious pieces.

It is a limited series that you can get at the official presentation, on October 29 at 9:00 pm at El Gran Café (C / Cervantes, León). Also, if you cannot attend, you can get it through this web page.

The art exhibition “The search through love” can be visited in Palat de Rey (Calle El Pozo, León) from October 29 to December 10, 2018. We are waiting for you!

Do not miss the INAUGURATION on October 29 at 7:00 pm in Palat de Rey

Welcome to my search

Nonia de la Rosa is a visual digital artist. She is self taught and an up and coming contemporary artist. Her artwork floats between abstact and surrealistic.We could say that her paintings go beyond these styles not only because she uses new digital technological tools to make her creations but also because of their pictorial and innovative characteristics that we cannot clearly identify with either of these two movements. Nonia has defined herself as an artist belonging to an “era of energy”. Others have classified her as being a “quantic artist”.

Some years ago I began an inward search, a sincere journey to discover exactly who I am. A trip that led me to reach a clear conclusion: my pilgrimage must go towards and through love.”


The search through love

The exhibition “The search through love” shows a visual representation of a long pilgrimage in search of true love. After being at the disposal of the National Gallery of Jakarta (Indonesia), it arrives in León, where it will be exhibited in the Palat del Rey Church from October 29 to December 10.

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Nonia de la Rosa

Born in the city of León, Spain (1964), she studied Social Sciences in universities in Oviedo and Barcelona. Later, she became interested in the field of psychotherapy and did courses organized on “Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy” organized by EAGALA and “Personal Development” (Scotland) and by the Escuela Superior de Coaching (Santiago de Compostela).

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