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That day, I perceived in an intense way, that my life was a big lie, I did not feel identified with the world I had built for Me. although, I had worked tremendously, in fitting into what is called “normal” in these times, spain, the country where I live and culture in which I was educated, in what is expected, socially, of Someone Like Me.

According to the Canons and social values, it was supposed, that it had to be happy, a person realized, that knows what it wants in this world, that it chooses freely, is courageous and is proud of itself, that was my character. But the truth is, I didn’t identify with him, deep down, I didn’t feel that way, it wasn’t like That.

That day, that day, everything Broke. actually, my feeling was like a death in Life. My mind emptied, There was nothing, I felt like floating in an immense and unknown space. After this period, I slowly experienced a state of rebirth, my perceptions began to be more vivid, the most defined forms, the colors, the sounds and all my senses more intense.

My emotions traveled step by step, from fear of great tenderness, love, openness, compassion and empathy with myself, even felt that it flowed like the pure water of a spring, born of the Earth. I was another being, another unknown reality, it was silence and emptiness. nothing, in a container that overflowed, emptied, to have all the space, without ever breaking.

In this way, accidental and spontaneous, I get to perceive for the first time, my essence.

here, began my creative and happy journey, in which I continued, about seven years Ago. During this period, go through travel to other countries of the world, learn about other cultures, beliefs and Philosophies. I studied, researched and read everything that fell into my hands, on this new world, without exploring and immense.

I met, many people, who went through similar processes and with which I could share, this great secret, as something wonderful, of which I did not have to be ashamed, but on the contrary, was growing. I was trained as a personal coach and assisted therapy with horses, whom I love with all my heart and started painting in a self-taught way. experience, in which I continued for five years, from my state of new consciousness and the great love that I feel and express, through the creation of digital abstract painting and Video-art.

My artistic expression, It helped me extraordinarily, to stay every day, with my true self, in a totally free way, from the visual and the infinite source of creation, in a continuous dance, between light, shadows, shapes, colors and Dimensions.

In these five years, I have been sharing knowledge and experience with many artists, during the exhibitions in which I have participated in other Countries. These people, have been for my wonderful teachers, who have enriched, this growth in an essential way, giving me light and focus, altruistically, on this journey. now, It is when I feel, that I can go my own way, based on my experience, drink and savor the fresh and inexhaustible water of this fountain.

To each and every one of these people, I thank you, from the deepest and truest thing that is being. and to you, new walkers, I thank you, too, for being here present and thus sharing together, this Truth.

currently, My past life is a fleeting episode, forgiven and Accepted. Thanks to this, I no longer wonder, who I am and what is my mission to this life. I am that. Creation and mere vehicle of his expression.

All my Love.

Nonia De La Rosa



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