About me

Nonia de la Rosa is a visual digital artist. She is self taught and an up and coming contemporary artist. Her artwork floats between abstact and surrealistic. We could say that her paintings go beyond these styles not only because she uses new digital technological tools to make her creations but also because of their pictorial and innovative characteristics that we cannot clearly identify with either of these two movements. Nonia has defined herself as an artist belonging to an “era of energy”. Others have classified her as being a “quantic artist”.

Born in the city of León, Spain (1964), she studied Social Sciences in universities in Oviedo and Barcelona. Later, she became interested in the field of psychotherapy and did courses organized on “Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy” organized by EAGALA and “Personal Development” (Scotland) and by the Escuela Superior de Coaching (Santiago de Compostela).

Her inexhaustable intelectual curiosity has pushed her to travel to different countries which has profoundly influenced her works of art.

Nonia´s creations were exhibeted in the Art Gallery BCM (Barcelona 2012), a place of growing importance related to cultural movements in the city. Her visit to India in 2012 clearly influenced many of her digital paintings. The depth of her spirituality is easily perceived but it is sometimesdifficult to understand what carries her into a laberinth of colourful emotional enigmas.

The research she carried out on the legends of Ramayana, later became a fundamental inspiration for her art. For this reason she travelled to Indonesia where she submerged herself into its rich traditional cultures.

Madrid 2013 “MADIZACIÓN” one of the main centres of cutting edge ideas outside of the official circles. It was here where she held her first solo exhibition with her series, “Blue Talks”.

Lithuania was her next destination. In June of 2013 her works of art were exhibited in the International Art Festival “Anima Mundi”, and it was there that her work was seen and admired by Zamrud Setya Negara, coordinator and director of exhibitions in the National Gallery of Jakarta, who also works for the Ministary of Culture and Tourism in the Republic of Indonesia. He was deeply moved by Nonia´s work, even to the point of organizing an exhibition which can be considered as an exceptional feat because of the difficulty that setting up an exhibition in the most important Art Institution of Indonesia implies. As a consequence of this encounter, in August 2013, Mr Tubagus “Andre” Sukmara, Manager of the Indonesian National Gallery, personally welcomed Nonia to the museum of Jakarta.

In March of 2014, Nonia recieved confirmation of the opening date of the exhibition, “The Search through Love”, a dream come true for her. In June of 2014 she held a solo exhibition in three great rooms in the Indonesian National Gallery.

New York 2015 was the next place to where Nonia´s work was to travel. After a very thorough selection process in which a number of art works from all over the World were chosen to have their creations hung on the walls of one of the most visited galleries in New York, “Agora”, situated Chelsie, Manhattan. The collective exhibition was titled, “Spacial articulation”.

The next place that awaits her art works has been a mystery for sometime…but now it has been reveiled. Her paintings are to grace the walls in a Church called “Palat del Rey” in her own home city of León, in Spain. This Church is a historical jewel belonging to the eclestistic community of the Diocese of the city. The opening of the doors of the Palat del Rey to Nonia´s work has filled her will happiness and gratitude, at last the artist and her work return home where her “Search through Love” will be seen for the first time in Spain.

Text translated by María Elisabeth Bailey