Indonesia National Gallery

Tubagus ‘Andre’ Sukmana, Director of Indonesia National Gallery

Visual art exhibition held by Indonesia National Gallery is an effort to present artworks of various results of creativity and artistic achievement from the artists, Indonesian as well as foreign artists to develop and broaden the people’s potential of art appreciation continously. At this moment, Indonesia National Gallery holds a Solo Exhibition by Nonia de la Rosa “The Search Through Love”, which will exhibit the best artworks from Spanish artists, Nonia de la Rosa. This exhibition is a form of facilitation and support from Indonesia National Gallery for an exhibition which is initiated by culture centers/communities/institutions which in this opportunity cooperates with the Embassy of Spain in Indonesia as well as the Embassy of Indonesia in Spain.

This exhibition deserves to be appreciated because in this exhibition we will see the best artworks by Nonia de la Rosa as the results of her artistic exploration and visual learning which collaborate with the strong tradition of Ramayana which she learns in Indonesia. Thebeautyandthestrengtharedisplayed through twodimensional artworks, video art, and performance art which are interesting. We hope this exhibition benefits the friendly relationship between Indonesia and Spain, as well as enriches the visual art insights for public and those who appreciate it well.

We also would like to express our sincere gratitude for curator, working team, and all parties supporting and participating to the success of this event. And we would also like to thank Nonia de la Rosa.

Esta exposición merece ser apreciada porque en ella podremos ver algunas de las obras más enigmáticas creadas por Nonia de la Rosa. Son un resultado de su exploración artística y del aprendizaje visual que experimentó mediante el estudio de la poderosa tradición de Ramayana que tuvo la oportunidad de conocer en profundidad durante su estancia en Indonesia.


Jakarta, June 2014
Tubagus “Andre” Sukmana
Director of Indonesia National Gallery

Text translated by María Elisabeth Bailey