Agora Gallery

Review of the Agora Gallery in New York

Nonia De La Rosa’s digital paintings are detailed explorations of controlled chaos. The precise yet finite clarity of computers combines with De La Rosa’s free-flowing colors and warped perspectives. Her psychedelic palette ranges from swirling neon to ethereal wisps of cool blue and silver. De La Rosa’s paintings seem to diagram a bionic pulse: an infinite grid of transformation, projecting an alternative visual model of a central nervous system. Rather than solely focusing on the digital machines, De La Rosa uses software to examine the human spirit. The paintings are in reference to dreams, anger, love, and the soul, empowering her artificial portraits with very human passions. De La Rosa creates an explicit dialogue between familiar emotions and alien light formations.

The patterns in De La Rosa’s paintings exist somewhere between the subconscious mind and the computer’s logic. Her images express improvised design in high resolution. Each painting is printed on fine art paper for a limited series. 

 De La Rosa lives and works in León, Spain.

Angela Di Bello, Executive Director

Text translated by María Elisabeth Bailey