A Journey through the heart of light When an architect builds with photons.

A journey through the heart of light when an architect builds with photons


Digital paintings by Nonia de la Rosa

The artwork of Nonia proposes us with an enigmatic question. Is she a painter, a creative designer, an artist? Or is she simply a sensitive draftswoman capable of expressingt the movement sof air, the color of the wind, the desires of flowing liquids and dreams like ether expanding into a the poetry of the cosmos?. If we could climb inside the spirals of cool blues, dizzy viridians and religious lapislazulis which interpret secrets of lovers in the abstract figures that her powerful paintings contain, we would never be able to leave again.

Her way of capturing the awe of space, full of dramatic metaphors soaked with sensitive meaning. The moon obsessed with the ocean, the crimson and amethyst, impregnated with passion like the sensual flower of a woman unfolding its carnal petals, revealing its deep warm twilight tones of desire to the man she loves. Interpretations of emblazoned shapes carrying the eye towards a horizon full of living mystery and unsolvable Euclidean geometrical problems. Dreamscapes where the immortality of time is perceivable like an ever spinning wheel. Unique and perfectly situated forms in a cosmic chaos, controllable only by a rigorous optical balance. Their kinetic movements emanate vibration, exquisite visual music. Vivid sculptures modeled as if by the fingers of a goddess. Her work has an overwhelming euphoric effect of pure oxygen, flowing onto our retinas and enveloping our brains in a spasmodic rapture of pleasure.

Masterpieces of tangible energy existing in a dimension which goes beyond our wildest imaginations.

Nonia is gifted with a talent to capture the most sensitive expressions through images. Her ability to create unusual worlds that invite us to enter and explore his labyrinths in a growing and incessant process of evolution.

Salva Lorén (Photographer)

Translation by María Bailey