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Interview en Radikalialiai!

I want to introduce digital artist from Spain Nonia de la Rosa. Artworks of Nonia de la Rosa are awakening creativity through play and improvisation. Fantasy through the movement of colors allows her to touch her own sources of creativity, feeling of life and enter to the very deep stratas of her soul. Her works are full of emotions and not only, she sounds like orchestra which is very successful in the instrumentation of her intellect and feelings.

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Papers about the exhibition “The search through love” in the National Gallery of Indonesia

On June 20, 2014, the exhibition THE SEARCH TRHOUGH LOVE, 25 digital paintings full of color and movement of the artist of León, Nonia de la Rosa, took place at the National Gallery of Indonesia, in Jakarta. With the director of the institution, Mr. Andre Zamrud, they were present with the artist, Ms. Amaia Múgica and Mr. Patricio Rumeu, respectively the Cultural Manager and the second head of the Spanish Embassy in Jakarta.

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