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“The Search through Love”: The digital art of Nonia de la Rosa, a way back and forth between East and West

On June 20, 2014, the exhibition THE SEARCH TRHOUGH LOVE, 25 digital paintings full of color and movement of the artist of León, Nonia de la Rosa, took place at the National Gallery of Indonesia, in Jakarta. With the director of the institution, Mr. Andre Zamrud, they were present with the artist, Ms. Amaia Múgica and Mr. Patricio Rumeu, respectively the Cultural Manager and the second head of the Spanish Embassy in Jakarta.

Nonia de la Rosa is an emerging artist in visual and digital art in Spain. He lives in León, but his intellectual curiosity has led him to travel through places that have had a strong imprint on his work.

During a trip to India in 2012, Nonia discovered the beauty of India’s greatest epic poem, the Ramayana, whose reading inspired the period of creation of the series of works that make up this exhibition. Looking for the oldest version of this literary work, Nonia arrived in Indonesia, where she discovered a rich cultural tradition, and the Kakawin Ramayana, Javanese version of the Sanskrit Ramayana .. THE SEARCH THROUGH LOVE arose sincerely and in parallel with a spiritual search that led Nonia de la Rosa to discover in LOVE, with capital letters, the most powerful energy that every individual possesses inside her.

His works are debated between Surrealism and Abstraction, evoking some of Shadows of Wayang, a shadow theater generated from elaborate puppets of great popular tradition throughout Indonesia. Of great aesthetic beauty, the shadows illustrate daily, in the street, the stories of the Ramayana Kakawin, the Javanese Ramayana.

Painting, design. Nature, femininity, sensuality. Emotions from Chaos to Serenity. Everything is mixed and processed artistically and spiritually, through digital painting and the soul of Nonia de la Rosa.

The opening ceremony was the stage to present a performance, a video-art piece where the delicacy of the traditional Indonesian dancers is impregnated with the work of Nonia, while they enrich the work with its projected shadow, in the way of the Wayang, a respectful interpretation of this tradition integrated in his work. The video of this performance will be part of the exhibition in subsequent shows.

Loreto Fernandez de Garaizábal

Art Curator .



Digital Art Solo Exhibition by Nonia de la Rosa

20th June – 14th July


Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14
Gambir, Jakarta 10110

Telephone: (021) 34833954