The search through love


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Nonia de la Rosa

Digital Paintings

Iglesia de Palat de Rey (León)

29-10-18 / 10-12-18


The search through love

In the first pieces of art of this series, the multiple forms express feelings and emotions found sometimes in whirlpools of movement that swallow the soul of the artist.

The colours and the forms, full of geometry gravitate close up and allow images in the abysmal backgrounds, from a time long gone, to murge through in echos of pain and confusion.

The circle announces the beginning and the end of a point, it is the prelude of a time of change, a renaisance that awakens in an explosion within a rainbow, in a big bang of energy.

To pass over to the era of spiritual discovery, of artistic creation in which is replete with emotion, the awakening of forms, dimentions, shadows, movements, “That´s me”. Sinuous images, merge into sight, full of femininiy and creative power, imagination and the stuff of dreams, manifesting themselves, all emerging from, “The Sun in the Heart”.

The reflection of the dual world and the integration of the feminine and masculine part of being, of ego and of the soul, they are the place where it all starts that offers its hand to the third part, at the end, the creator through love.

The identification with the Universe, the Spiritual Union is the final step before reaching the serenity that all human beings long for, to prepare to set off on this journey of life, with an Eternal kiss.


Loreto Fernández de Garaizábal

Curatorial Assistence, Vigo (España)

Text translated by María Elisabeth Bailey


From where it Started (2014). 150,54x100cm. Digital Painting.
Tears of the Stars (2013). 100x100cm. Digital Painting. The soul, like tears of the stars before dawn, its pain shelters beneath the great umbrella of the Universe.
Anger and Peace: Balance (2013). 100x100cm. Digital Painting. Peace is balance, its reflection in pure nudity.
Hopes (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Pieces of the past, irreality and displacement: deconstruction.
Poetry under the Sea (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. And you, the green velvetness, Chlorophilas, mother of pearl and golden coral, Deep and secret treasure, Echo in movement, pleasure, silence...
Rebirth (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Where the beginning and the end meet in the same point. Life and death . Death and life.
Sensual Movements (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Being and Sensuality: Life – Movement.
Echos of feelings (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Interior space, and open window from which echos of feelings can be heard.
A place with no name (2014). 115x75 cm. Digital Painting. Creating an original landscape in a nameless place. I am That.
Awakening 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. The Big Bang. The Beginning.
In Uterus 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Symbol of a female deity and creative power.
Third Time 100x100. Digital Painting. The Three Dimentions.
Female Nature (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Paintings. Mother Earth. The Creator , “Love”.
Dreams 100x100. Digital Painting. In dreams, flowing in freedom. Energy and movement.
Blue Eye 100x100. PDigital Painting. The Third Eye. The Truth.
Silencing the Mind: Love (2014). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. A silenced mind, the beginning of the journey.
Loving 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Conciousness and Unconciousness.
The Energy of Mother Earth (2015). 150,56x100 cm. Digital Painting. Energy rooted in every cell, atom and particle, vinculated to material, to Mother Earth.
The Essence of Woman (2015). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. The receptacle of the heart. The essence decended into matter.
From Antiquity (2015). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Temple built in divine proportion: faith, pardon and the archway of compassion.
Breath on Breath 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Everything is as it should be. Breath. The Baptism.
Universal Sound (2015). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. The Sound of the Unviersal Dance.
Inner Garden (2015). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. An inner garden, growth and beauty. Its aroma: happiness.
Soul (2015). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. You are me.
The Fusion (2016). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. From matter and Divinity.
Smelling Yelow Light (2013). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. When light smells the yellow: Synesthesia.
Spiritual Union (2017). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. Spiritual Love: Masculinity and Feminity.
Eternal Kiss (2016). 100x100 cm. Digital Painting. True Love.
Serenity (2016). 111x112 cm. Digital Painting. Calmness. Peace.
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